Who Wants It Most?

The Mammoth begin training camp tonight, Friday, Nov. 30.


In just over three weeks from now, the Colorado Mammoth open their 2018-19 season in the Loud House. In just a few hours from now, the Mammoth open training camp and the competition to secure a roster spot – the competition to play on opening night – intensifies on the turf.  

Beginning with practice tonight, the Mammoth have two training camp weekends to narrow down 36 signed players to a 21-man active roster and a four-man practice squad. The process of forming a perennially playoff-caliber team starts with one important question: who wants it most?

“Everyone must come in top shape to begin”, said head coach Pat Coyle. “How hard the players have worked coming into this camp is a real indication of character and desire. Being in great shape shows to us how much it means to the player because that only comes with hours of hard work and dedication.

“If they are willing to work hard at home on their own, we know how hard they are willing to work when they get together.”

General manager Dan Carey, when asked what trait players must show at practice tonight, echoed Coyle, saying, “[Players] must be well-prepared.

“You can directly relate a player’s performance in a practice or scrimmage to their preparation. It will be evident, easy to see, in practice when players are prepared; when they have watched film, kept up their fitness and had their stick in hand.”

Preview the 2018-19 Mammoth Season

The Mammoth have opened practice on Saturday Dec. 1 to the public. This is a fantastic opportunity for fans to get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Mammoth squad before Colorado’s season starts on Dec. 22.

The Mammoth will practice 7-9 p.m. at Foothills Fieldhouse, located at 3606 S Independence St., Denver, CO 80235.