Mammoth Trim Roster to 32 Ahead of Second Training Camp


The Colorado Mammoth announced today that the team has trimmed its training camp roster to 32 players. Earlier, the Mammoth released four players on the heels of its first training camp session.


Mammoth Training Camp Roster (Updated Tuesday, Dec. 4)

Tim Edwards

#3 Tim Edwards D

Josh Sullivan

#4 Josh Sullivan D

Ryan Benesch

#7 Ryan Benesch F

Brent Adams

#8 Brent Adams D

Taylor Stuart

#11 Taylor Stuart D

Mike Triolo

#12 Mike Triolo F

Brandon Humphrey

#13 Brandon Humphrey G

Jeremy Bosher

#14 Jeremy Bosher F

Ryan Lee

#16 Ryan Lee F

Chris Wardle

#17 Chris Wardle F

Robert Hope

#18 Robert Hope D

Jacob Ruest

#20 Jacob Ruest F

Adam Perroni

#21 Adam Perroni D

Jordan Gilles

#23 Jordan Gilles D

Brad Self

#25 Brad Self D

Scott Carnegie

#27 Scott Carnegie D

Stephen Keogh

#28 Stephen Keogh F

Jeremy Noble

#35 Jeremy Noble F

Dan Coates

#37 Dan Coates D

Steve Fryer

#39 Steve Fryer G

Rowan Kelly

#42 Rowan Kelly D

Dillon Ward

#45 Dillon Ward G

Dylan Laprade

#48 Dylan Laprade D

Eli McLaughlin

#51 Eli McLaughlin F

Steven Lee

#54 Steven Lee D

Dennon Armstrong

#65 Dennon Armstrong F

Dean Fairall

#66 Dean Fairall F

Kyle Killen

#67 Kyle Killen F

Jeff Wittig

#71 Jeff Wittig F

Joey Cupido

#82 Joey Cupido D

John Lintz

#86 John Lintz D

Julian Garritano

#94 Julian Garritano D

Click here to view the Mammoth's full training camp roster page.

The Mammoth's second training camp begins in Toronto with practice Friday night followed by an exhibition game against the Rock on Saturday. The Mammoth will bus from Toronto to Buffalo for their second exhibition game of the weekend on Sunday against the New England Black Wolves.

The Mammoth will open their 2018-18 regular season campaign at Pepsi Center against the San Diego Seals on Saturday, Dec. 22 at 7 p.m. The Mammoth's home opener will also be their second-annual Teddy Bear Toss game, benefiting A Precious Child. Tickets are on sale now at