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Denver Elite, 3d Select Claim Jr. Champion's Cups

Denver Elite won the Bantam (U14) Division championship of the Jr. Mammoth Invitational on Sunday night at Pepsi Center. 3d Select took home the hardware in the Novice (U10) and Pee Wee (U12) divisions.

Immediately following every game, two 'Stars of the Game' from each team were honored.

STARS OF THE GAME (Winning team in bold)


Saturday, 8:00am

3d Select (1st Star: Ethan Zimbelman, 2nd Star: Paul Chandler)

Denver Elite (1st Star: Joseph Nuccio, 2nd Star: Kyle Terrell)


Saturday, 9:40am

3d Select (1st Star: Jack Ringhofer, 2nd Star: Grant Allen)

DLC - Turner (1st Star: Hendrik DeKoning, 2nd Star: Kam McCormack)


Saturday, 11:20am

Denver Elite (1st Star: Colin Sayre, 2nd Star: Zaphod Schmidt)

DLC - Turner (1st Star: Max Rosenstein, 2nd Star: William McFadden)


Saturday, 1:00pm

3d Select (1st Star: Ben Zimmerman, 2nd Star: Joe Waldbaum)

Denver Elite (1st Star: Truman Osburn, 2nd Star: Tyler Anderson)


Saturday, 2:40pm

3d Select (1st Star: Vincent Mata, 2nd Star: Jordan LaKomy)

DLC - Turner (1st Star: Jackson Freeman, 2nd Star: Ty Hammond)


Sunday, 4:00pm

Denver Elite (1st Star: Joe Holland, 2nd Star: Colin McCready)

DLC - Turner (1st Star: Kam McCormack, 2nd Star: Jack Gerber)


Sunday, 6:50pm

Championship Game: 3d Select (Tournament MVP - Ben Zimmerman)



Saturday, 4:00pm

Jr. Mammoth (1st Star: Duncan Cross, 2nd Star: Jake Govett)

Warthogs (1st Star: Darius Miller, 2nd Star: Aryan Krause)


Saturday, 5:00pm

3d Select (1st Star: Nick Ringhofer, 2nd Star: Korbin Ruehle)

DLC All-Stars (1st Star: Finbar Forward, 2nd Star: Charlie Colby)


Saturday, 6:00pm

Jr. Mammoth (1st Star: Knox Dent, 2nd Star: Will Dennen)

Denver Elite (1st Star: Elijah Rueth, 2nd Star: Connor Terrell)


Sunday, 9:00am

Warthogs (1st Star: Nathan Hayden, 2nd Star: Darius Miller)

DLC All-Stars (1st Star: Dylan Wells, 2nd Star: Michael Gueber)


Sunday, 10:00am

3d Select (1st Star: Jonah Hirshorn, 2nd Star: Gavyn Pure)

Denver Elite (1st Star: Jake Taylor, 2nd Star: Cody Birch)


Sunday, 11:00am

Jr. Mammoth (1st Star: Jake Thompson, 2nd Star: Charlie Maly)

DLC All-Stars (1st Star: Jackson Berger, 2nd Star: Berto Bandero)


Sunday, 12:00pm

3d Select (1st Star: Riley Moynihan, 2nd Star: Dominic Mata)

Warthogs (1st Star: Prestin Jefferies, 2nd Star: Darius Miller)


Sunday, 1:00pm

Denver Elite (1st Star: Jacob Seger, 2nd Star: Tommy Nemechek)

DLC All-Stars (1st Star: Conner Eastman, 2nd Star: Nicholas Graff)


Sunday, 2:00pm

Jr. Mammoth (1st Star: Griffin Bonjean, 2nd Star: Knox Dent)

3d Select (1st Star: Henry Savage, 2nd Star: Anders Ericson)


Sunday, 3:00pm

Denver Elite (1st Star: TK Hammond, 2nd Star: Jackson Rose)

Warthogs (1st Star: Darius Miller, 2nd Star: Thomas Mannix)


Sunday, 5:00pm

Championship Game: 3d Select (Tournament MVP - Jonah Hirshorn)



Saturday, 8:50am

3d Select (1st Star: Colin Munro, 2nd Star: Paxton Boyer)

Mustangs (1st Star: Caleb Espinoza, 2nd Star: Darian Wagner)


Saturday, 10:30am

3d Select (1st Star: Cole Boland, 2nd Star: Charlie Leonard)

Denver Elite (1st Star: Matt Pollack, 2nd Star: Braden Host)


Saturday, 12:10pm

Mustangs (1st Star: Ian Hicks, 2nd Star: Ryan Jackson)

Denver Elite (1st Star: Caleb Rueth, 2nd Star: Jack Cahill)


Saturday, 1:50pm

3d Select (1st Star: Keaton Komatz, 2nd Star: Griffin Gharrity)

Mustangs (1st Star: Stone Henderson, 2nd Star: Carlos "Kai" Trujillo)


Sunday, 8:00am

3d Select (1st Star: Henry Adams, 2nd Star: Keaton Komatz)

Denver Elite (1st Star: Grayson Goodyear, 2nd Star: Tommy Mott)


Sunday, 6:00pm

Denver Elite (1st Star: Jack Cahill, 2nd Star: Asher Nolting)

Mustangs (1st Star: Mike Blais, 2nd Star: Mike Steinke)


Sunday, 7:40pm

Championship Game: Denver Elite (Tournament MVP - Caleb Rueth)

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