"Kids Take Charge" Countdown: #45 Dillon Ward


This Saturday, January 13, the Mammoth returns to The Loud House for their “Kids Take Charge" game.The Mammoth encourages parents to let their kids take them out to a game for a change! As always, this game will offer fun for the whole family, but kids can expect extra fun during our "Kid's Take Charge" game!

To countdown to Saturday, we are catching up with our players to learn more about when they were kids taking charge.


#45 Dillon Ward


Fondest Lacrosse Memory as a Kid.

Ward: Going to Toronto Rock games with my family and thinking I wanted to play in the NLL one day.

What I Hope Kids Remember from Mammoth Games.

Ward: I hope kids remember having a great time with friends and family while watching a big Mammoth Win!


#23 Jordan Gilles and #16 Ryan Lee


Fondest Lacrosse Memory as a Kid.

Gilles: Playing forward and actually scoring goals (because I play defense now).

Lee: My greatest lacrosse memory from when I was a kid was attending the Colin Doyle camps every summer.

What I Hope Kids Remember from Mammoth Games.

Gilles: The exciting energy in each game. We want the kids to have as much fun in the stands as much as we have on the floor. I remember being at Vancouver Ravens games shirt off, whipping it around in the stands having a blast.

Lee: I hope the kids at the games take away the fact that anyone can play at the professional level by doing all the little things throughout your career.


#11 Taylor Stuart and #35 Jeremy Noble:


Fondest Lacrosse Memory as a Kid.

Stuart: Going to lacrosse practice where I could hang out with all my best friends.

Noble: The car rides with my family and teammates to and from games.


What I Hope Kids Remember from Mammoth Games.

Stuart: I hope kids enjoy the excitement and the wild atmosphere when they come to cheer on the Mammoth!

Noble: Great nights spent with loved ones and cheering on the Mammoth in the LOUD HOUSE


For "Kids Take Charge" on January 13, adult single game tickets will be 25% off with promo code "ADULT". To find seats please visit AltitudeTickets.com.