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Get to Know Colin, a Coates Corner Student

Colin is in third grade at Mammoth Heights Elementary



Wednesday, Mammoth Captain Dan Coates surprised eight-year-old Colin at Mammoth Heights Elementary in Parker, CO to tell him that he has been selected to be a Coates Corner student.

Third-grade teacher, Erin Brown, nominated Colin, writing, 

"Colin is the definition of kindness in my room. He comes to my room for reading and math groups.

In my classroom, I have several students with special needs. Colin will take it upon himself to include these students and get them involved. He might play with them, dance with them, or just spend time talking to them. He is very aware of these students and makes a point to make them feel special. Many of these students are non-verbal and Colin knows how to connect with each of them.

Colin always has a smile on, and lights up the room when he walks in. He will walk over to the other students in the room first and be sure to tell them 'hello' before beginning his own work. He works so hard and helps set an example to the other students as to how all students, no matter their needs, should be treated."

Along with Colin and Hidden Lake High School student, Stephanie, Coates has selected one more students to be a part of Coates Corner and to sit in his seats at the Mammoth game this Saturday, Feb. 16. Stay tuned on the Mammoth website and social media pages to find out which student won.

If you know a student who is a driven leader and embodies kindness in action, you can still nominate them to sit in Coates Corner! Dan Coates will select up to three students to sit in his seats during one of the remaining 2019 Mammoth home games: Mar. 9, Mar. 23, Apr. 6, Apr. 12. To nominate, click here to fill out a contest submission form.