A Mammoth of a Surprise

Colorado Mammoth & Littleton Police Surprise Englewood Student


Wednesday afternoon, Englewood High School's Athletic director pulled senior Travis Hastings out of class 25 minutes early, without giving him a reason. Travis is a good student and is captain of the Englewood Pirates lacrosse team so being pulled from class to walk the quiet halls of his school was a surprise; a surprise that grew larger when he arrived in a classroom completely packed with new faces.

Littleton Police Officer, Andy Barnard said,"It will be something he will never forget."

On Wednesday, January 24, Littleton Police Officer Andy Barnard contacted the Colorado Mammoth about helping a teenager named Travis Hastings whose lacrosse gear was stolen in a vehicle break-in. The Mammoth organization, along with John Grant, Jr., Travis' favorite lacrosse player, worked to fill a lacrosse bag full of gear for Travis, including shafts, sticks, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, a helmet, cleats and more.

Wednesday afternoon, Colorado Mammoth defensemen Dan Coates and Brad Self surprised Travis at Englewood High School with his new gear. With the help of the Littleton Police Department and Englewood High School, the Mammoth were able to keep the new gear a complete surprise until Travis walked wide-eyed into a quiet yet electric classroom, full of people who had never met Travis but who had waited for days to give him a surprise he will remember forever.

Colorado Mammoth General Manager, Dan Carey said, “Any day we can help the next generation of lacrosse players in Colorado is a good day for the Mammoth. We were happy to work with the Littleton Police Department to turn a bad situation into what we hope was a great surprise for Travis.”

Travis has played lacrosse since the eighth grade. He has committed to play NCAA lacrosse for Augustana College in Illinois. To the school’s knowledge, Travis is the only Englewood high school student in the history of the school to commit to NCAA lacrosse.

More important than his track record is Travis' work ethic. Almost immediately after finding his gear was stolen, Travis went out and got a job. He told his parents he understood that replacement gear would be expensive, and that he wanted to help pay for it.

Now that Travis has more than enough gear, he wants to give back to his school the same way the Littleton Police and the Mammoth gave back to him.

Travis said, "With all this gear that I can’t wear all at once, it’s going to help me give back to the team."