Welcome to the Loud House, the loudest house in Lacrosse! The Mammoth gameday experience is unlike anything you have seen before. Below are some of the elements that go into a Mammoth gameday that make it one of the most unique sporting experiences you will ever attend! With over 12,000 fans a game, the Loud House is a unique community and welcomes all with open arms to join in on the experience. This information is what you need to know before your first Mammoth game!

Mammoth Traditions

Sock Trick

The sock trick was established in Colorado all the way back in 2004, the teams second season for when a player scores 6 goals in one game! If a Mammoth player scores 6 goals in a game, fans throw their socks (mostly dirty) onto the turf in celebration! All the socks are collected, washed, and donated through Kroenke Sports Charities. Gary Gait was credited with the first “sock trick” in 2004 and served the delay of game penalty due to the time it took to clean up the socks. Make sure to bring an extra pair of socks!


It’s called the Loud House for a reason, it’s loud! Fans have been making lots of noise through yelling, but with the assistance of the beloved cowbell, the Loud House was appropriately nicknamed!

Get in the Box!

The Mammoth established one of the most unique ways to greet an opponent to the penalty box. On your way into Pepsi Center, make sure to grab a “Get in the Box!” card to help cheer the Mammoth into a power play! It is often imitated, but can never be duplicated.

Team Introductions

The Mammoth players get introduced to the building in the most rock ‘n roll way possible, through smoke and fire with the announcer calling their name and thousands of fans cheering them on! Dancers and motorcycles on the turf with pump up music gets the blood flowing! The opponents on the other hand get the silent treatment and it is very common for fans to turn their backs during the brief opposing team introductions.

Fire Riders

The Fire Riders lead the Mammoth introductions and have been a staple for the Mammoth since 2003! They definitely set the tone for the whole evening and are a symbol for the brand that is Mammoth Lacrosse.

Goal Celebrations

On an average night, the Mammoth score around 12 goals for the whole game. Even with that many goals, the excitement for each goal doesn’t lessen! Stand up, cheer, high 5 your neighbors and even throw up a tusk motion if you feel like it! The players definitely appreciate all the love and support.

Theme Nights

Each Mammoth home game has a theme tied to it. To see the theme nights for the season, check out our schedule! Fans are encouraged to dress up and participate in the theme all night long! Every game will have its own unique elements tied into it. With any questions about the theme nights, please send a note to Feedback@ColoradoMammoth.com


Wooly, one of the original NLL mascots, is a fan-favorite essential of every Mammoth home game. From pumping up the Loud House pre-game, to urging fans to “GET LOUD!” when the game comes down to the wire, Wooly does it all and has endeared himself to Mammoth fans.

As much as Wooly enjoys the Loud House, he loves being a part of the Mammoth’s community programs as well, visiting schools, youth lacrosse clinics, and more.

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Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch is a dance team that performs multiple times during Mammoth games through the entire season. All these ladies went through a difficult audition process and are so happy to be representatives for the Mammoth organization! They work to pump up the crowd during the games, sign autographs, take pictures, represent the Mammoth at events, and most of all establish strong relationships with our amazing fans! They even host a clinic for young aspiring dancers and perform with them during a Mammoth game!

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Pre game Experiences

Performance Groups

Mammoth Bench Experience

High Five Tunnels

To learn more about how to participate in these experiences, please call 303.405.1101 or MammothTix@PepsiCenter.com

Box Lax 101

Indoor lacrosse is played inside the confines of an ice hockey rink, with glass and rink boards intact. The playing surface consists of a green dieter turf carpet that is laid down over the hockey ice. The two teams combine to score a total of 25 goals on average during an NLL game.

Each team has five runners (forwards, transition players and defensemen) and a goaltender on the floor during the game. The players rotate on and off the floor in shifts, similar to hockey. The game consists of four quarters, each fifteen minutes in length. A game that is tied at the end of regulation is decided in a sudden-death overtime. There are no tie games in professional indoor lacrosse.

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