Wooly Mascot

Meet Wooly the Mascot!
Favorite Place: The Loud House!
Favorite Phrase: Get in the Box!
Favorite Hobby: Cheering on the Mammoth and firing up fans! #TusksUp everyone!
What Should Fans Know about You? Though I'm one of the original NLL mascots, I'm just getting started! I worked hard during the offseason because I plan to be around for years to come. I lost some weight and got trendy haircut. I think it really makes my eyes pop!

Personal Information:

Wooly is one of the first National Lacrosse League mascots and is beloved by Mammoth fans. Wooly loves to fire up Mammoth crowds and to chant "GET IN THE BOX" alongside them!

As he intends to be the "Greatest of all Time" when it comes to NLL mascots, Wooly got a makeover before his 2017-18 season! As The Colorado Mammoth start its 16th season, Wooly is more fired up than ever to rock The Loud House. Wooly would be happy to make an appearance at any type of event.

Click HERE to see Wooly's post-makeover photoshoot!

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