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Name: McKenna

Nickname(s): Kenna, Kenny, Ken

Years on The Wild Bunch: 2

Hometown: Denver, CO

Birthday: July 2

Occupation/Field Of Study: I'm currently in school getting my degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing sciences. I aim to work in the field of Special Education with speech.

Guilty pleasure: Anything with chocolate!

Favorite part of living in Colorado: I'm a pretty active person so I love all of the different outdoor activities that are accessible no matter the season.

Favorite part of being a Wild Bunch Dancer: Not only are the fans absolutely amazing, but the organization itself is full of great people and great opportunities. Nothing beats performing on the field and doing what I love most.

If I were an emoji, I would be: the monkey with his hands over his mouth because I love to goof around and make people laugh

In 10 years, I plan to be: Working with speech and special education and hopefully still dancing!

Most people would be surprised to learn: that I have an irrational fear of bananas

Describe a typical day in your life. I like to keep myself very busy, usually I wake up pretty early and go to class, eat a quick lunch, drive to Denver to the high school where I coach, eat dinner, then head to Wild Bunch practice.

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