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Deanna Carter - Massage Therapist

Deanna Carter is looking forward to her fifth season with the Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse Team. She is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a four-year degree in Kinesiology Fitness and Exercise. Deanna then went on to graduate from the Colorado School of Healing Arts. She has been a nationally certified massage therapist for the past 12 years. Deanna has worked on all types of athletes from the weekend warrior to the Olympic athlete.

Deanna enjoys a very active lifestyle with her family both indoors and out. She runs a home office by referral and appointment only. Deanna has worked at many different kinds of sports events. She loves to read and increase in knowledge of the human body. Deanna lives in Arvada with her husband Chris and their two children Tristan and Kacey and the new family dog Emmy.

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