Coaching and Scouting Staff

Pat Coyle Coach
Chris Gill Coach
Dan Stroup Coach
Dr. Ken Szarka Performance Coach
Joel Raether Head of Sports Performance
Jason Bishop Scout
Executive Staff
Steve Govett President, General Manager & Governor
Josh Gross Vice President, Business Operations & Alternate Governor
Don Sunblade Assistant General Manager
Dan Carey Director, Player Personnel
Adam Becker Sr. Director, Marketing and Promotions
Steve Johnston Exec. Dir./Exec. Prod., Game Presentation
Conor McGahey Associate Producer, Game Presentation
Amy Jo Wagner Choreographer & Coordinator, Game Entertainment
Cody Moll Assistant Equipment Manager
Medical Staff
Mark Zaccone Athletic Trainer
Dr. Philip Stull Team Doctor
Dr. Deb Jacobson Team Doctor
Dr. Eric Rysner Team Dentist
Deanna Carter Massage Therapist
Jamey Nalezinek Massage Therapist