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 Post subject: In Game Entertainment
PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:05 pm 

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I want to preface my question by saying that as an economist I understand that the goal of any sports franchise is to turn a profit. In a league like the NLL the most revenue comes from bringing fans through the gate and part of doing this for the Mammoth is providing in-game entertainment. That being said I have two concerns from the game tonight I was hoping that you could comment on.

I get that Willie B is, for lack of a better term, an institution with the Mammoth having been doing what he has for the team since its start in Denver. And, this is not a diatribe about firing Willie B, we have had that conversation enough times on the boards, in fact I think that while he is not everyone’s cup of tea he does provide a useful service to the in game experience. I would guess that Willie B’s antics are a great selling point to getting new individuals to attend future games because it’s really unlike other things in sports today. My issue stems from the fine line between humorous and giving your team a boost to sophomoric humor that is crass and really serves no other purpose than to be demeaning to specific players.

Tonight during the game we had the infamous pronunciation of Rhys Duch’s last name in the most crude way possible. It seems like Willie has been told he is not allowed to call Rhys by this name that he has coined over the years, several times he stated ‘I’m not allowed to say that anymore…’. We all know what he was not allowed to say and yet he would frequently call out ‘Who has the ball?’ any time Rhys held possession. This seems to me to serve no purpose other to simply make fun of one players last name. I would argue that we have enough things during the game that can show our support for our team and against the opponent that this type of crass display is overkill and really adds nothing more than a cheep laugh that could potentially upset those with younger children. Simply banning Willie from saying the name in the rude manner has done nothing as he just uses a loophole to get the crowd to say it for him.

Can you comment on where the line is drawn when it comes to antics like this?

This one is more of a pet peeve but during the game Willie was announcing the score of football game to the whole crowd. My friend goes out of his way to text all of us that he is not going to be able to watch it live and will be DVR’ing so could we please refrain from telling him the score. This is all so he can come and enjoy the Mammoth with us live. Given today’s age of technology and all the TV’s in the concourse that were showing the playoff game is it really necessary to announce the score? Would it not be safe to presume that those who really want to know the score could simply use their smart phone or that they could retreat to the concourse to view the game live? My friend commented to me that if that’s the way things are going to go during games, why should he attend and instead why shouldn’t he simply stay home and not come to the Mammoth game. It seems a bit folly in todays day and age that people cannot seek information out on their own and allowing those who wish to remain in the dark the ability to do so. Any thoughts on this?

I look forward to hearing your responses.

The important thing is to not stop questioning.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:20 pm 
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As pointed out on Twitter earlier this evening, the chant - of which Willie B is entirely responsible for starting - is completely classless and an embarrassment to the organization.

Not to mention, it seems more often than not that when Willie B goes to make a "duch" of himself, said player goes and adds another one to the scoreboard (as evidenced by his 4 goals, 2 assists tonight).

"Jar Jar Richards"? That's funny.
Going after players for their names (or indeed, going after them at all, as he did with the Blazers several years ago)? That's a line he should have never been allowed to be crossed, much less repeatedly.

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