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Colorado Mammoth defenseman Bob Snider has seen the ill-effects of cancer take the lives of two lacrosse icons: Chris Sanderson and Kyle Miller. Both played for the Canadian national team. For the first-half of the game on ‘Lacrosse Out Cancer’ Night on March 8, Snider will honor Sanderson by wearing a gray ribbon on his chest to show his support for putting an end to brain cancer, the disease that took Sanderson’s life.

“Chris was diagnosed with a grade IV malignant brain tumor called a Glioblastoma Multiforme in December 2008,” said Snider. “This particular type of cancer that Chris was diagnosed with is almost always terminal, with a survival time of nine to 12 months. He did the unexpected and battled for four years. Chris was a member of the 2006 Canadian national team that won the World Championship, and was the goaltender in the 2010 World Championships in Manchester.”

Net proceeds from Snider’s ‘Lacrosse Out’ Brain Cancer jersey benefit the Colorado Neurological Institute, a non-profit neuroscience organization. The auction ends this Thu., Jan. 30 at 3pm MT.

Snider’s second-half jersey will be auctioned off in February.

To view the auction on eBay, click here or search for keywords “Mammoth Lacrosse Out Cancer”.

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