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Having played lacrosse almost his entire life, Mammoth forward Drew Westervelt is no stranger to sweaty, foul-smelling gear and apparel. He also knows that locker room sanitation can play an important role in keeping a little funk from turning into a big problem.

In recent years the number of documented cases of young, healthy adults contracting life-threatening, bacterial viruses has grown significantly, with many of the viruses being traced back to locker rooms. The most prominent of these viruses, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, – MRSA, as it is better known – was referred to by Men’s Health five days ago as a “Petri dish of deadly bacteria”.

Fortunately, there are people like Westervelt, who dare to think outside the box. Three years ago, Westervelt partnered with a professional commercial cleaning expert, and together they created a company called BactiBarrier to better understand the athletic environment. The duo set out to change the game with innovative products that unleash the power of natural chemistry.

Westervelt started with two simple questions, and one belief: “If I had the ability to clean the locker, what would I do? What attributes would I want in the product? There has to be a better way to clean.”

One of the company’s top performing products, an EPA-registered, multipurpose, multifunctional cleaning agent, is designed to clean up locker rooms and keep bacteria out. In addition to cleaning and sanitizing, BactiBarrier also leaves a protective coating that fights against future infections and prevents odor.

“From high-performance apparel and sports facilities to hotels and even hospitals,” said Westervelt, “anyone that wants to have a facility that is cleaned and protected can benefit from BactiBarrier.”

And there’s also a use for individuals seeking to remove a bad scent from their clothing.

“That funky odor, typically associated with bacteria and the need to really clean and not just mask with a fragrance, was the challenge.”

The solution? The birth of HEX Performance, an agent that cleans AND protects.

From laundry detergent to gear wash, HEX products offer a 30-day barrier from bacteria. Mission accomplished.

For more information about HEX Performance, visit www.hexperformance.com.

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