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Unrestricted and restricted free agents, franchise players designated

The NLL free agent signing period is now underway as Tuesday, Oct. 29 was the last day for teams to make qualifying offers to veteran players on their rosters. Veteran players who did not receive qualifying offers for the 2014 season became Restricted Free Agents while others became Unrestricted Free Agents.

If a team signs a Restricted Free Agent to a contract, the player's current team can retain that player by matching the offer within a specified time frame. There is no right to match an offer and retain the rights of an Unrestricted Free Agent.

Active players entering free agency are listed team-by-team below.

Colorado Mammoth

Restricted Free Agents
Mac Allen
Jarett Park
Creighton Reid
Ian Hawksbee

Unrestricted Free Agents
Richard Morgan

Buffalo Bandits

Restricted Free Agents
Andrew Watt
David Brock
Drew Petkoff
Steve Priolo
Kurtis Wagar
Nick Cotter
Jamie Rooney

Unrestricted Free Agents
Mike Hominuck
Derek Suddons
Shawn Williams
Tracey Kelusky

Calgary Roughnecks

Restricted Free Agents
Mike Carnegie
Scott Carnegie
Curtis Manning
Andrew McBride
Scott Ranger
Daryl Veltman
Dan MacRae

Edmonton Rush

Restricted Free Agents
Aaron Bold
Tyler Codron
Cory Conway
Jarrett Davis
Ryan Dilks
John Lafontaine
John Lintz
Brodie MacDonald
Jarrett Toll
Alex Turner

Unrestricted Free Agents
Ryan Ward

Minnesota Swarm

Restricted Free Agents
Joe Cinosky
Greg Downing

Philadelphia Wings

Restricted Free Agents
Max Seibald
Kevin Buchanan
Ned Crotty
Brandon Francis
Kyle Hartzell
Pat Heim
Steve Holmes
Brett Manney
Jeff Reynolds
Ryan Hotaling

Unrestricted Free Agents
Mike McLellan
Kyle Sweeney
Mike Thompson

Rochester Knighthawks

Restricted Free Agents
Paul Dawson
Rory Glaves
Craig Point
Sid Smith
Matt Vinc
Cory Vitarelli
Joe Walters
Dylan Evans
Ian Llord
James Purves

Unrestricted Free Agents
Mike Accursi
Dan Dawson
Brad Self

Toronto Rock

Restricted Free Agents
Garrett Billings
Stephen Hoar
Mike Hobbins
Stephan Leblanc
Rob Marshall
Nick Rose          
Damon Edwards

Unrestricted Free Agents
Scott Evans
Josh Sanderson
Cam Woods
Chris White
Roger Vyse

Vancouver Stealth

Restricted Free Agents
Brett Bucktooth
Dean Hill
Athan Iannucci
Ilija Gajic
Chris O'Dougherty

Unrestricted Free Agents
Curtis Hodgson
Matt Roik

The deadline has now passed for teams to designate up to two franchise players for the 2014 season. Edmonton, Minnesota and Rochester did not place the franchise tag on any of their veteran players while the following seven players were designated as such by their teams:

Colorado: Casey Powell
Buffalo: John Tavares
Calgary: Geoff Snider
Philadelphia: Brodie Merrill, Brandon Miller
Toronto: Colin Doyle
Vancouver: Lewis Ratcliff

As part of the new collective bargaining agreement between the NLL and the PLPA, changes have been made to the free agency system, particularly in the area of eligibility.

For the 2014 regular season, players age 32 or older who have served in all or part of six NLL Seasons shall be eligible to for unrestricted free agency. In 2015, Players age 31 or older who have attained the service requirement will be eligible. Finally, from 2016 through the term of the agreement, Players age 30 or older who have attained the service requirement can become free agents.

A Club that loses a Player to another Club in free agency shall be eligible for compensation in the form of a draft selection. The draft selection issued, if any, shall be based on a formula determined solely by the League.

The new agreement brings changes to the Franchise Player designation as well. Previously, each Club had the option of designating two of its players as Franchise Players, allowing the designees to earn more than the Veteran Minimum salary. While this will remain true for the 2014 Season, Clubs in 2015 and beyond are limited to one Franchise Player designation per season.

Moreover, beginning in 2015 Players age 35 or older may reject the Franchise Player designation within seventy-two hours after it is made.  From 2016 through the term of the agreement, Players age 34 or older shall have this option. The increase in a Franchise Player’s salary from the previous Season shall not count towards the Luxury Tax calculation.

While restricted free agency remains mostly unchanged, one important modification requires a Club seeking to retain the services of a restricted free agent to match only the base compensation and bonus compensation offered to the Player by another Club. If a Club decides to match an offer, any increase in a restricted free agent’s base compensation from the previous Season will not count towards the Luxury Tax calculation.

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